Wednesday, January 1, 2014

About the Joys of Travelling

The wish and the yearning to travel has always made man step out of the coziness of his home and explore; explore his neighbourhood, his backyard, the roads less taken, the rugged and winding mountain paths, the long roads which go on forever, the streams which seem to come out of nowhere, the seas, the cliffs jutting out of the waves.... the list goes on. Travel allows you to see first-hand, the varied cultures, traditions, folk art, history and geography of different regions. It lets interact with different people and know them better through interactions and discussions.

But apart from the above points, it lets you relax, introspect, meditate, understand yourself and gives you a deep sense of inner peace. Travel lets you explore yourself better. 

This blog give me the opportunity to let my words flow and give a more meaningful angle to my travels, as seen from my own eyes.

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